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Adam Bushnell

Adam's Bookshelf

Take a look at my latest academic books . . . 

100 Ideas for Primary Teachers - Daily ReflectionsMastering Writing Greater Depth (2nd Edition)Modelling Exciting Writing : A guide for primary teachingMisplaced Myths and Lost Legends : Model texts and teaching activities for primary writingDescriptosaurus Story WritingDescriptosaurus Punctuation in action Year 1, The Ninjabread GirlDescriptosaurus Punctuation in action Year 2, Captain Moody and his Pirate CrewModelling Exciting WritingPrimary Subject Knowledge and the Core Curriculum Mastering Writing at Greater Depth100 Ideas - Writing100 Ideas - Outdoor LearningInviting WritingBeyond Early WritingComprehension Ninja Y1Developing a love of Reading and BooksComprehension Ninja Y2Comprehension Ninja Y3Comprehension Ninja Y4Comprehension Ninja Y5Comprehension Ninja Y6